Free People Summer Trends // Oceanside Talks

I have been reading Patti Smith's memoir, called "Just kids". It usually takes me a while to get into a book but this just kept my attention from page one. She is such a beautiful writer, a true poet. She talks about tales of living in NY in her young 20's, living in the Chelsea Hotel, and all the creative artists and musicians she meets from Janis Joplin to Jimi Hendrix. I love how she describes people with such intent and describes how each one has impacted her life, in either a subtle or striking way on her path to releasing the artist within her.

"What is the soul? What color is it? I suspected my soul, being mischevious, might slip away while I was dreaming and fail to return. I did my best not to fall asleep, to keep it inside of me where it belonged" - Patti Smith

Some new music I am loooooving lately:

My friend's band Peach Pit - they just released a 4-song EP that you gotta listen to. It is rad. 

Andy Shauf released his album The Party - and it is GOLD. I have worn out my earbuds listening to his last album Bearer of Bad News, and this new album is just as good. 

I just found out about Gallant, and have been loving his album "Ology" - R&B sultry groooooooves.

and of course... there's Beyonce. Tegan and I have been singing and dancing to every verse to this saucey album. 

I have been loving two - piece sets for summer! This Free People outfit - off the shoulder crop top paired with these wide legged pants are SO fun. I love that with this one outfit you can also mix and match both pieces with different articles of clothing, or can be worn together for a fun outfit. Perfect to throw on for summer! 

Tegan and I have had so much fun working with Free People on this 4 part summer style series! (We also have a VERY exciting giveaway coming up!)

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Plants + Prints DIY // Brighten up that lonely corner

I love how adding green to a room gives it so much life. As we’re rolling into spring we’ve decided to bring more plants into our studio space to freshen it up.

Earlier last week I was walking through our neighbourhood and my favourite part of the walk was going by one of the many community gardens. It was teeming with life, there were a few families working the soil, planting flowers and seeds and I was envious! I’ve been on a waiting list for a few years to get a spot in my community garden but there’s no sign of me getting in anytime soon. I guess that’s a good thing, because people are loving their little spot of soil to grow their own harvest, such a rewarding thing that I can’t wait to partake in someday. So for now, I’ll just bring in as many plants to my home and studio!

Lindsay and I are really excited to partner with Miracle-Gro to bring this fun DIY! We made these simple shelves to display plants and succulents, complemented with some floral designs. This little “living room” corner of our studio finally feels complete. I wasn’t sure what it was lacking, but now looking at it with these pretty plants and prints, I’m wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

We picked up a bunch of plants, Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, and rocks. We re-potted the plants by first filling the jars with a handful of rocks to help with drainage. If you’re repotting your plants into boxes or anything with drainage you can skip this step and just use the potting mix! Put an inch or so of potting mix and then fit the plant into the jar. Add more potting mix to the top and work it into the plant, pushing it down so it’s in there nice and firm. I do have to be honest too here - I’ve killed a few plants in my day, but so far these guys are doing really well, and thriving!

If you haven’t bought yourself or been given one of these fun adult colouring books, go do it!! We spent the afternoon painting them with watercolour paints, and it was so therapeutic.

We went to our local hardware store and got them to cut wood to 16 inches, and bought some small brackets. First, attach the brackets to the wood and then measure out the distance you want them from each other. We laid it all out on the floor so we could see what it would look like before hanging. Alternate the shelves with the frames, and center the picture frame with the shelf! Once you have it all measured out, start from the bottom and secure the shelves to the walls, working your way up!

Isn’t it pretty! It’s affordable too which is a major bonus. It totally brightens up the corner with a little pop of green and colour, and the simple tiny shelves. Remember to keep them looking green with watering and feeding.

This post is brought to you by Miracle-Gro.