Vintage Ink // Sister Tattoos

We're really excited to introduce to you Vintage Ink Wines. They've combined two of our favourite things, wine, and tattoos. We recently found out about this company and the contest they have going on now, (more details on how to enter below) so we thought it would be fun to do a post about the meaning behind these tattoos of ours. 


May Third. This is our little sister Vanessa! Vanessa is adopted from Haiti, and was welcomed into our family after a long few years of waiting for her arrival, on May third, 1998.Last year she asked Lindsay and I to come with her (on May third, of course...) to get her tattoo. We thought it would be fun to all get them together, matching, but not matching tattoos. So we each designed them and got inked with this very special date. 

So that's our story, do you have any stories go along with your ink? I love hearing the meaning behind people tattoos, whether it's deep and meaningful, or just silly and fun, it's a story! Go and submit your tattoo to be designed into a custom label on Vintage Ink Wine. (enter here) and if you're in Vancouver, come join us at the Fortune Sound Club on July 16 for the party!

Our geeky selves after getting our tat's! It's always fun to make a day out of it and celebrate with some delicious tacos and shopping!

Recipe // Blackberry Ginger Summer Soda

Berries never taste better than when they're freshly picked on a hot Summer's day! One of my favourite things to do in the summer is go blackberry picking, at least once I'll go out and collect a big bucket of blackberries and make a delicious homemade pie! So yum. I've really been loving fresh fruit soda's. This one's refreshing and has a bit of a kick with the ginger simple syrup!

You'll Need:
- Blackberries
- soda
- ginger simple syrup (recipe here)
- ice
- candied ginger

* I used coconut sugar to make the ginger simple syrup this time, which is why it looks so dark!

1. Add about 5 or so blackberries and muddle them so they're nice and juicy.

2. Add 1.5 oz of ginger simple syrup, stir it up with the blackberries.
3. Fill the cup half full with ice.
4. Fill to the top with sparkling water or club soda.

5. Garnish with some fresh berries and candied ginger!