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12 Best Beaches in Florida for Couples

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Imagine a deep breath of Atlantic ocean air with the warm sun on your skin as you sink into the white sand beach beneath you. Romantic getaways don’t get much better than doing that with your significant other!

Florida beaches bring millions of visitors each year to experience this exact moment. The coastline boasts hundreds of miles of pristine beaches that are perfect for a romantic beach getaway.

From the Gulf of Mexico to Florida’s Atlantic coast to the Florida Keys, there are several romantic beaches to experience in the sunshine state.

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1. Clam Pass Park

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Clam Pass Park is known as one of the best Florida beaches. It offers 35 acres of coast, but only a small portion of less than a mile is accessible with parking. Walking further from the access point will guarantee a secluded romantic spot at one of the top beaches in the area.

This Florida beach is open year-round from 8 AM to sunset and costs $10 to park in one of the 171 parking spots. Note that in the peak months of summer, these spots fill up very quickly.

If you’re interested in guided nature walks to learn more about the wildlife of the coastal reserve, consider reaching out to one of the specialized local groups.

2. Fernandina Beach

If you’re looking for a smaller beach town to escape the crowds of Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, then consider Fernandina Beach.

It’s one of the three communities that are a part of Amelia Island, a barrier island near Jacksonville. It offers historical beauty, art galleries, and a range of restaurants right on the beach for a quiet getaway. Most importantly, it offers a stunning stretch of sea to lay back and relax on.

It’s worth checking out the range of festivals they host throughout the year. The most notable one is their historically famous Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival.

3. Fort Myers Beach

With 29 public beach access points, there is endless exploring to do at Fort Myers on Estero Island. There are 7 miles of coast bordering the Gulf of Mexico offering warm water and beautiful white sandy beaches.

All the gorgeous beaches in this area are perfect for swimming with gentle slopes that prevent waves from crashing down. They’re perfect for a dip in the turquoise waters and dry on the sand.

If you are spending time there, be sure you don’t miss the stunning sunsets from any of these beaches. A few companies offer sunset cruises around here that would be a romantic evening.

4. Honeymoon Island Beach

With a name like Honeymoon Island, this beach must be a special place for a couple in love. There are three major beaches throughout the 385 acres in the Honeymoon Island State Park, but Honeymoon Island Beach is the quietest one.

Although it’s a popular destination, the long stretch of the beach allows you to easily spread out and find solitude. If you’re a fan of a romantic stroll, then consider the 3-mile walk to the northern tip of the state park. The walk goes along a beautiful sand spit with tide pools and sand dunes to keep your eyes busy.

There’s an $8-per-vehicle entrance fee to the park, but parking is free and easy to find throughout the entire park. While there is no alcohol allowed on the beach, you can find a refreshing beverage at Cafe Honeymoon in the park.

If you’re staying nearby and looking for another private beach, take the ferry over to Caladesi Island.

5. Caladesi Island State Park

Looking to see the famous Florida sea turtles? This is the place to be. It’s an untouched island in the Gulf of Mexico that is only accessible by boat. There, you’ll see stunning wildlife and secluded beaches.

The 20-minute ferry costs $18 round trip and runs year-round starting at 10 AM. They only allow 4-hour stays, but it’s worth the short trip to witness untouched nature.

Consider bringing your snorkel gear to get up close and personal with the turtles and fish that frequent this island.

6. Fort De Soto Park Beaches

Located in Tampa Bay, Fort De Soto Park’s five islands draw millions of visitors each year. The most notable of these Florida beaches, and reasonably so, is North Beach.

There is a sanctuary to observe shorebirds in their natural habitat on the southern side, which is a great way to escape crowds. The northern side has picnic benches to set up for the day but may be slightly busier.

The less visited beaches still offer stunning views but are more difficult to access. If you’re up for the challenge to find privacy, consider looking at Gulf Pier Beach or East Beach.

All of these beaches have a $5 parking fee with the Pinellas Bayway charging an additional fee when you cross back over to mainland Florida.

7. Beer Can Island

Although it may have a not-so-enticing name, the beach of Beer Can Island is world-class. It is not an island, but a peninsula. Located at the northern tip of Longboat Key near Sarasota, this Florida beach borders a residential neighborhood.

Parking is tough, as residents of the luxury beach houses complained about tourists parking on the street, so most people will park at Coquina Beach nearby and walk.

It might seem like extra work, but you’ll be rewarded with a luscious walk through the forest and then an empty Florida beach. And with loads of trees around, it’s a great place to set up a hammock and swing to views or crystal blue water.

8. Sanibel Island and Captiva Island

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, these two islands are great options. They used to be a single island, but a 1921 hurricane through the gulf coast split them into two.

This is the warmest area throughout summer in all of Florida and you may even see dolphins and manatees there. When you’re not enjoying the white sand beaches, you can check out their stunning bike trails for a more active day.

9. Santa Rosa Beach

Need somewhere to stay for more than a few days? South Walton offers much more than just the gorgeous Santa Rosa beach. There are historical tours, a range of eateries, and a small community that make it the perfect place for a couple to wander.

This is another incredible sunset viewing spot on the west coast of Florida, so make plans to stay for the evening if it’s a day trip!

10. Vero Beach

Vero Beach is located on Florida’s Atlantic treasure coast and offers a wide variety of activities to keep couples busy. This is the place to go if you want good food and plenty to do.

After doing tours of the wetlands and gardens during the day, you can treat yourself to a wide range of delicious food in the evening. And in between all of these fun activities, you’ll have the option to relax on one of the best Florida beaches as well.

11. Dry Tortugas

Accessible only by seaplane or ferry, Dry Tortugas is a secluded and primitive paradise with a historic fort. It’s a trip that takes up an entire day. Many couples come here for the unspoiled beaches, migratory birdlife, and crystal blue water away from the rest of the world.

There is no WiFi or cell service, so be ready to be away from everything. Bring enough water for the whole day, as well, as there is nowhere to stock up on water once you arrive.

The fee for the park is $15. To get there, you can take the $200 ferry, which includes breakfast and lunch. They will also provide complimentary snorkel equipment and a narrated tour of the nature trails and fort on the island.

The other option is to take a seaplane, which varies in price from $400 to $600 depending on the number of people. It’s a gorgeous flight and absolutely worth it for a romantic getaway.

12. St. George Island

Off the Gulf Coast on the Florida Panhandle, George Island State Park offers quiet tranquility for those wanting isolation. It will be you two and 9 miles of one of the best Florida beaches.

This area is much less trafficked than other Florida beaches, and even allows dogs if you’re one to bring your pooch everywhere with you! Spend your time on long walks, watching the sunrise, or enjoying one of the amazing seafood restaurants they have.


Hopefully, this list of romantic beaches in Florida helps you plan your perfect romantic beach vacation.

Miami Beach, with thousands partying, doesn’t scream romantic, so it helps to know about all these other incredible Florida beaches.

Sugar sand and warm waters in solitude make unforgettable memories with that one special person. Enjoy your special getaway on these amazing beaches in Florida.

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