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Headband Tuck Tutorial

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

This hair tutorial is actually one of the first hair tutorials we posted and is still one of our readers favourites. We always find it popping up on Pinterest, and recently on Buzzfeed, so we figured we would recreate a more recent/better version of it for you along with a video!

This beautiful beaded boho headband from Three Birds Nest worked perfectly for this tutorial. Take a look at their site to see more similar styles.

How to Make a Headband Tuck

  • Start by placing an elastic headband over top of your hair
  • Next gather the ends in your hands like a ponytail
  • Tuck the ends up into the back of the headband 
  • Roll the hair into the headband until it is all tightly rolled around *gettting tighter closer to the face
Headband Tutorial
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