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Happy Summer

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield
Summer Legs in the Swimming Pool

HALLELUJA! Summer is officially here! When Lindsay and I were in Palm Desert last we we couldn’t resist snapping a few poolside photos of our new favourite Summertime drink! Fresh fruit mimosa’s! The best part is you use the fruit as your own personal cup! verrrry portable and fun. Simply cut in half a watermelon, or pineapple. Scoop out the inside bits, leaving as much juice as you can inside. You can save the rest and cut it up to eat or throw in a smoothie later! Add champagne, and any other juice you may want to add and enjoy! 

Have you tried making anything like this? We want to hear your ideas!

We are so happy our favourite season is finally here! Happy Summer!

Summer water Melon Drink
Summer Water Melon Drink
Summer Pool With Pineapple Drink
Sipping Mimosa in Pool
Sipping Mimosa Pineapple Juice