Circle Pom Pom Pillow DIY

Tegan and I saw this really fun Pom Pom Pillow DIY on Pinterest and decided to make our own! (If we are overloading you with Pom Poms please tell us, we are a bit obsessed with making them, they are so easy and fun!)

The thing is, we couldn't find a round pillow anywhere, so we decided to make our own out of an Army & Navy Pillow we had! The great thing about this DIY is that you can find really cheap square pillows, or just use an extra that you have lying around your house!

Draw lines on the corners of the pillow, and then cut off all the sides! We did each side one at a time and stitched it up so the fluff wouldn't pour out of it. We used the same thread that we made the Pom Poms out of, but you can really use any colour thread because it will be covered by the Pom Poms.

We hot glued our Pom Poms all around the pillow. To be more secure, feel free to sew them on!