Link Love

 ♥ Loving everything about the collection from Shona Joy on Eclectic Ladyland 
 ♥ This gave me a good laugh (make sure you see the end)
 ♥ This sweater and these socks are perfect for a month of ice-cream!! If you are tight on a budget, check out this adorable tutorial by Miss Tea & Co on making your own DIY Ice Cream Tights! OR if you are looking for something for  legs quite smaller than yours, how adorable are these baby leggings?! 
♥ Loving this Bahamas cover of "Don't You want Me" by The Human League.
♥ This would be the best way to get down the stairs in the morning.
♥ Can't wait to get our hands on the new summer collection at our favourite Old Faithful Shop
♥ Looking for a fun way to spice up your nails this week? Try THIS, or THIS!
♥ Let's be honest

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