Why We Love Vancouver + Canada 150 Giveaway

Why we think Vancouver is the best city

There are many things to love about Vancouver. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, there are so many things to see and do, it's hard to get bored here. We feel so grateful to live here! We both grew up in a suburb about 45 minutes outside of the city, and it surprises me how rarely we visited the city as kids! I get that with 5 kids, it was probably no easy task to take on! I love living here and raising a family in Mount Pleasant. Yes, it's incredibly expensive, but we find having a small space is a small sacrifice that is well worth it to be close to so many things and people we love, and to have access to so much! 

Lindsay and I loved staying near Stanley Park for our staycation last month! You can read the post here about our stay at the Westin Bayshore. I've only stayed downtown a handful of times, and I love it. It's amazing being so close to the water, and to Stanley Park! We spent an afternoon at the Art Gallery, Lindsay took a morning ride around the Seawall and of course (as always) we ate our way through the day. 

One of my favourite things is all the parks and beaches. Since having Hazel and especially since she's become so active in these toddler days, I find we spend most of our days at the park. I love that there are about 6 different parks within a 5-minute walk from our house, it definitely makes not having a yard a lot easier! It's been so fun this Summer to explore different parts of our city, pack the stroller full of snacks, shovels and bubbles and hit up the water park, beach, a coffee shop, or new neighbourhood. 

Nothing beats a Summer night on Third Beach, Spanish Banks or any beach, really. My favourite is grabbing fish and chips and just sittin' on a beach blanket, Hazel can play for hours with a bucket of sand and water. The long warm Summer nights are incredible. Where else do you get to sit with your toes in the sand, look at the city from afar, and the mountains all at once! I love it. 

Of course, food is a big reason we love Vancouver. The options for healthy eating are growing, and so are the patios! We were wandering around downtown, and thought, thissss is where all the patios are! In Mount Pleasant there aren't a ton of options for eating outside, on a sunny day, all I want is a patio, but once you get close to the water, there's a whole lot more options we discovered! We enjoyed the sunshine after exploring the Art Gallery and grabbed veggie dogs and juice! I love all the food truck options right down on Granville and Robson! 

Here's a quick recap on the contest going on with Marriott to celebrate Canada's 150!


  • Marriott’s Epic Canada Adventure Sweepstakes launches here and here!
  • Contest runs for 4 weeks (There will be FIVE contest Winners from Canada and the USA. They will be determined on July 24)
  • Five winners receive EPIC trips to Canadian Marriot locations.
  • Each winner will receive a trip for two, including hotel, flights and $1,000 spending money and more!
  • Winners have up to one year to redeem their trip!

bbhugme Pillow // A Pregnancy Must Have

I am so excited to be sharing about this pillow called the bbhugme.  It has truly been saving my sleep this pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Hazel, I never used a body or pregnancy pillow, but this time around I was already uncomfortable sleeping by about week 10 and I knew it was something I needed! My friend told me about these pillows that were deemed magical and I started following them on Instagram, I don't know about you, but when I start following some brands on instagram it doesn't take long for me to be convinced that what they are makin', I need. The only problem was at the time, they didn't ship to Canada!

So being my crafty just do it yourself I thought, why not just make one myself? So my pregnant pal Michelle and I set out on a mission to go find supplies to just whip up these pillows! We were at the fabric store, looking at every bit of jersey and organic bamboo, pricing out and trying to figure out what we would need to make these ourselves. It was actually pretty comical. I went onto their Instagram to look at photos of it once more, and compare pricing, etc and saw their latest post that they were shipping to Canada starting THAT WEEKEND! I was like um, yup, I think we should just save our time and energy and just buy these. Leave the pregnancy pillow making to the pros, and I am so glad I did. 

Took these photos a few weeks ago and the bump has already grown so much since then! 

Honestly, it's like no pillow I've felt. It's filled with little beads so it can form to your body however you want it to. Another reason I was really drawn to it was that you can use it as a nursing pillow! Being that we live in a one bedroom apartment, and are about to have four people living in it, keeping things around that don't have much use isn't something we can't do. Hazel loves to curl up in it when she's watching her morning cartoons, and Dan and I both love it as a pillow behind our heads when we're Netflixin'. It makes a great support around baby when they're learning to sit as well!

*Just want to say, this post is not sponsored! I truly love this pillow and want to share my experience with my bbhugme!