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7 Best Hotels With Swim-Up Rooms in Florida

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

Imagine waking up in your luxurious suite in sunny Florida, donning your favorite swimwear, and stepping straight from your private terrace into a swimming pool that seems to stretch endlessly before you. With swim-up rooms in Florida, this fantasy can become your vacation reality. You no longer have to saunter through hallways and elevators to dip into a pool.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 7 best hotels where you can enjoy this luxurious amenity. Prepare to discover your slice of paradise, where the water is just a step away. Here’s our list of the best hotels with swim-up rooms in Florida:

1. H20 Suites, Key West

When you step through the doors of H20 Suites in Key West, you’re entering a world of tranquility and luxury designed just for adults. The private plunge pool in select suites is a feature that you’ll appreciate. This isn’t just a small dip pool; it’s your own slice of paradise where you can unwind undisturbed, any time of day or night.

During your stay, you can visit the swim-up bar — a hallmark of true vacation indulgence. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink or a quick snack, you can enjoy it without having to towel off. There’s also a rooftop pool that will greet you with panoramic views. It’s a communal spot, but with the adult-only policy, it’s never overrun.

2. DWS Vacation Villas, Orlando

As you plan your magical vacation to the heart of Florida’s wonderland, DWS Vacation Villas in Orlando positions you within a stone’s throw of the enchanting Walt Disney World. This is where you can embrace the comfort of a personal home-away-from-home experience in their rental villas, each equipped with its own private pool.

While DWS Vacation Villas may not offer the traditional hotel swim-up room experience, the focus here is on offering you and your family the privacy and exclusivity of your own private pools. Picture yourself spending the day exploring the wonders of Disney, then returning to the quiet respite of your villa, where you can cool off with a leisurely swim in your pool.

3. The Island by Hotel RL, Fort Walton Beach

When you make your way to The Island by Hotel RL, nestled on the scenic shores of Fort Walton Beach, prepare yourself for an aquatic-centric retreat. At the heart of this experience is the hotel’s grotto pool, which is more than just a swimming area—it’s a crafted oasis that brings a piece of tropical paradise to your Florida stay.

While wading through these inviting waters, you’ll find the swim-up bar—a focal point for socializing and sipping on refreshing beverages without ever leaving the comforting embrace of the pool. As you look to dine, the water-inspired restaurants at The Island resort further extend the aquatic theme.

4. Hotel Breakwater South Beach, Miami Beach

When you book your stay at Hotel Breakwater South Beach in Miami Beach, be ready to be swept away by the allure of the ocean that stretches out before you. This isn’t just about being close to the water; it’s about living the waterfront lifestyle during your stay, with an ocean view that serves as a constant reminder of the tropical paradise you’re in.

The private pool at Hotel Breakwater South Beach is an exclusive feature, offering a serene and intimate swimming experience. Adding to the allure, each room comes with its private balcony. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your room to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and the picturesque views.

5. Tropical Breeze Resort, Siesta Key

At the Tropical Breeze Resort in Siesta Key, the lure of Floridian charm and a relaxed coastal lifestyle are at the forefront of your stay. For those who choose select suites, the luxury of a private pool awaits. The resort’s room layouts vary, offering a range of options from cozy studios to larger multi-bedroom suites.

Those traveling with furry companions will appreciate the pet-friendly policy of the Tropical Breeze Resort. The resort further enriches your experience with complimentary amenities that invite adventure, like free bike rentals, charter fishing, and kayaking.

6. W South Beach Resort, Miami Beach

As a seeker of luxury and sophistication, your stay at the W South Beach Resort in Miami Beach will surpass expectations, beginning with the exclusive private plunge pools available in select suites. These personal pools offer an intimate escape where the water is yours alone.

Being an all-suite hotel, the W South Beach provides you with spacious accommodations and all the amenities you need, complete with stunning ocean views. For moments of relaxation, the spa at the W South Beach is your sanctuary. If you want to stay active, the tennis court on-site invites you for a friendly competition, and for an elevated experience, the rooftop terrace awaits!

7. Suite Dreams Inn, Key West

Suite Dreams Inn in Key West welcomes you into the warm embrace of a family-owned retreat, blending the personalized touches of a boutique inn with the amenities of a larger resort. Nestled in an idyllic neighborhood, this hidden gem offers beach access and tranquility just a short walk from the lively Duval Street.

Begin each day by unwinding in the lagoon-style dipping pool, an inviting centerpiece of the property where you can cool off and relax. The bedroom suites are spacious, offering you and your family a comfortable haven to return to after a day of exploration. Adding to the allure, the hammock swing on the property stands ready to cradle you!


As we draw the curtains on our exploration of the best hotels with swim-up rooms in Florida, and exceptional poolside experiences, it’s evident that the Sunshine State is brimming with options that cater to a myriad of preferences.

From the exclusive private pools of secluded suites to the family-friendly lagoons and the adult-only havens, the hotels we’ve visited are but a glimpse into the luxurious escapes Florida offers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or a solo sanctuary, Florida’s hotels present a wealth of options that promise relaxation!