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The 10 Best Hotels With Swim-Up Rooms in Greece

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

Greece, with its shimmering turquoise waters, sun-drenched landscapes, and a tapestry of islands, attracts travelers from across the globe in search of relaxation and luxury. Amidst its accommodation options, swim-up rooms are our favorite.

Swim-up rooms in Greece provide direct access to a private beach or pool right from your terrace, blending the boundaries between the comfort of your private space and the bliss of aquatic leisure. In this article, we present the 10 best hotels with swim-up rooms in Greece—each promising a portal to opulence and serenity!

1. Casa Cook, Samos

At Casa Cook on the unspoiled island of Samos, your accommodation is more than just a room—it’s an invite into a stunning lagoon-style pool that promises you unparalleled serenity.

Laid-back luxury is part and parcel of the earthy, authentic vibe that Casa Cook is celebrated for, where each swim-up room blends into a lagoon-like landscape, offering a dip into both nature and tranquility.

2. Kalesma, Mykonos

Mykonos, with its vibrant nightlife and iconic beaches, might be known for its pulsing energy, but at Kalesma, you’re introduced to a different side of the island. Kalesma is your piece of heaven where exclusivity means watching the sun dip below the horizon from your own private pool, steps away from your bed.

The simplistic, chic design of the rooms, reflecting the Mykonian light, makes your stay here not just a trip but a testament to the finer things in life.

3. Lango Design Hotel, Kos

Dreaming of a Greek island getaway where the blue of the sea blends with the skies above? At Lango Design Hotel in Kos, your dream transforms into a luxurious reality. Your swim-up room isn’t just a gateway to a designer pool—it’s an elegant sanctuary that also indulges you with a private hot tub, ensuring your relaxation is both sophisticated and intimate.

This adults-only gem is where tranquility is an everyday delight, making it the ideal retreat for those who yearn for peace.

4. Cape 9, Santorini

Escape to a world where each sunset becomes your private spectacle at Cape 9 in Santorini. Your room, a luxurious enclave, boasts not just any pool but your own private plunge pool, where you can cool off from the Grecian sun or simply marvel at the endless sky.

The hotel’s swim-up suites come with marvelous views that stretch out over the island’s dramatic caldera. Also, the hotel provides a myriad of exploration activities to try during your stay, including diving, sightseeing tours, horseback riding, and more.

5. Zante Maris Suites, Tsilivi

Picture yourself at Zante Maris Suites, where the elegance of minimalist design meets the natural beauty of Greece. What sets this retreat apart is the private infinity pools that extend from its suites, creating the illusion of merging directly with the Ionian Sea. You’ll have access to a private infinity pool and a private terrace, where you can enjoy relaxation and serenity.

6. Daios Cove, Crete

The largest island in Greece, Crete, is a tapestry of sandy beaches, private pools, ancient treasures, and vibrant towns. Within this dynamic backdrop, Daios Cove offers a swim-up room that’s a cocoon of luxury. It’s also the exceptional service and the cove’s private sandy beach access that elevate your stay and make it unforgettable.

7. Eagles Villas, Halkidiki

Nestled in the serene region of Halkidiki, Eagles Villas understands that true luxury knows no season and treats hotel guests to an unforgettable experience. Your private, heated pool ensures that even when the air is crisp, your aquatic retreat remains a warm sanctuary. You also have access to an award-winning spa, fine-dining restaurants, and a yacht club.

Here, the unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea become even more magical with each swim in your personal heated haven, distinguishing Eagles Villas as a year-round Grecian utopia.

8. Gouves Water Park Holiday Resort, Crete

If you’re traveling with family or just a kid at heart, seeking fun in the sun, Gouves Water Park Holiday Resort is the spirited escape that caters to your playful side. The swim-up rooms here are part of a larger water playground, and what really distinguishes this venue is its water slides, activities, and the kids club—ensuring that your stay is as fun-filled as it is comfortable.

9. Olea All Suite Hotel, Zakynthos

Olea All Suite Hotel takes the concept of ‘zen’ and amplifies it with Greek hospitality. Imagine waking up in a minimalist suite that’s both expansive and intimate, with a swim-up pool access that’s like a liquid extension of your dreams.

Unique to Olea is the surrounding view of olive trees and the perfect setting above a hill. It’s also 10 minutes away from Zakynthos Airport and a walking distance from Tsilvili.

10. Nama Retreat, Rhodes

The Nama Retreat in Rhodes is for those who seek the path less traveled, for whom a vacation is a journey of the spirit as much as the body. Your swim-up room here is designed to make you relax, with minimalistic colors and a serene aura.

The standout feature of Nama is its convenient amenities for guests with special needs and authentic hospitality that can be attributed to the fact that it’s family-owned.


From the vibrant energy of Mykonos and the historic allure of Rhodes to the majestic cliffs of Santorini and the verdant landscapes of Crete, these swim-up pools and rooms in Greece serve as your personal havens where water, comfort, and luxury intertwine.

Whether you’re seeking solitude, romance, adventure, or pampering, you’ll find a hotel that not only meets your needs but also surpasses your wildest dreams.