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How to Do a Half up Top Knot Hair Style (Tutorial)

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

This is one of our most popular hair tutorials, so we thought we would do a little updated version for long hair! I love this hair style and find myself going to it often. It’s great for an effortless look (because it really is effortless!). The original hair tutorial for shorter hair is taking the one chunk of hair and tying it into a knot (as you would the end of one piece of string). This updated version for longer hair is taking two pieces and tying them (like how you would begin to tie two shoe laces together)!

Half Up Top Knot Hairstyle

In the photo above I tied a piece from the front of each side together, and then tied them again. Use bobby pins to pin in place underneath the little bun part. Because my hair is so thick I added a mini top knot pin for some extra hold! I love these top knot pins, they’re great to have on hand at all times!

How to Tie a Half Up TopKnot Hair

  1. Grab a section of hair from the front of each side of your head, from your part down to right behind your ears.
  2. Pull all these pieces together at the back of your head where you want the knot to be, and twist tightly.
  3. Tie the chunk of hair into a knot.
  4. Tuck the ends under, and pin the knot in place with 2 bobby pins.
Half Up Top Knot
Half top knot

There you have it, an effortless perfect little knot! 

The version above for longer or thicker hair, is done by tying the two pieces at the front together as separate chunks, tie them in a knot twice and secure with pins. The top knot pin isn’t necessary, but it adds a bit more security and I just think it’s pretty darn cute 😉