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Thick Summer Braid Hair Tutorial

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

This is one of my favourite hairstyles this summer! It’s fairly simple if you are comfortable with french braiding. It can be a great everyday look to keep your hair off your face when it’s hot out, or it can be dressed up for something more formal.

How to Make Thick Summer Braid

  1. Part your hair on the side.
  2. Separate the bang section, from the rest of your hair
  3. Divide the bang section into 3 sections
  4. Start to french braid the bang section down, keeping it as close to your face as possible
  5. Continue to add small sections to your braid until you reach your neck, then add the rest of your hair into the three sections evenly
  6. Braid the rest of your hair and secure with an elastic
  7. Now, of the most important steps in this tutorial is loosening the braid (Shown below). This step, will take you from looking like a german girl in 50 First Dates to looking like you have beautiful thick mermaid hair
Summer Braid

Don’t be afraid to pull on the braid, you want to make it look loose and relaxed. 

Summer braid hair

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