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12 Reasons to Move to Canada: Safe and Stunning Sights

Gloria Stanfield
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by Gloria Stanfield

Are you thinking about moving to Canada but worried it might not be the right move for you? Canada is an amazing place that has plenty to offer. Whether you’re an individual looking for a fresh start or someone looking into bringing your family to a new place, Canada offers something for everyone.

Canada consistently ranks highly in lists of the best countries to live in. In 2021, it even ranked as the best country. With such variety across its provinces, it attracts people from all around the world looking for permanent residence.

There are far too many incredible things about this country, so to get you started, here’s a list of the best 12 reasons to move to Canada.

1. Natural Beauty: Canada’s Stunning Environment

As the second largest country in the world, this vast land offers wildly diverse scenery that will leave your jaw dropped. From the mountains of British Columbia to the famous Niagara Falls, Canada offers endless views that would take a lifetime to see.

Canada borders the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic Oceans, boasting the longest coastline of any country in the world. With 151,000 miles of coast, it’s impossible to see it all.

In between the oceans, there are 25,000 named mountains across hundreds of mountain ranges. It’s a sea of mountains, with each offering its own pristine lake to swim in or an unbelievable peak to climb.

If you do move to Canada, you better start a list of the 38 national parks so you can start marking them off. And with four seasons of different weather, you may even need to experience some of them in each season to truly see what they have to offer.

2. Clean Environment Commitment

With such beautiful scenery comes great responsibility to maintain it. The Canadian government prioritizes a healthy environment and implements policies to ensure their country (and the world) stays stunning.

They’re one of the countries to sign the Paris Agreement to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and even further their commitment. The government hopes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

3. Abundant Job Opportunities in Canada

The job market is strong in Canada. If you’re considering moving there, you will want to know you can get a job easily.

Canada is part of many global industries and can offer opportunities for people of all experience levels. The fastest-growing industries in Canada are:

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Construction

4. Excellent Healthcare System in Canada

Universal healthcare appeals to some of Canada’s neighbors for a reason. Guaranteeing accessible and good healthcare for you and your family is important when moving somewhere.

For developed countries, Canada ranks in the top five for healthcare systems. Regardless of your financial or social situation, you will receive top-quality care at some of the best hospitals in the world.

5. High Quality of Life

Canada ranks high in almost every category of well-being, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). With good air, quality water, a strong schooling system, and low inequality rates, the country can offer a comfortable life for most residents.

Canadians typically have a strong work-life balance that encourages emotional well-being and time with friends and family. You will feel the influence of these community values in their culture, which is very welcoming and kind.

6. Strong Canadian Economy

Canada’s economy is strong because it’s diversified across many global industries. It’s a safe economy to be working in that allows people to make more money than a majority of other countries. Recent years have demonstrated this resilience, so you can feel safer in your job.

7. Tolerant, Open-Minded, and Polite People

Canada has a reputation for having the kindest people in the world. The government supports progressive policies and protection for its people, setting an example for all citizens.

Just under one percent of the population immigrates each year. With such a diverse population of many immigrants, there’s very little room for non-tolerance from the people or the policies in place.

8. Cultural Diversity in Canada

One in five Canadians is foreign-born. Canadian immigration is very open to accepting immigrants, which has created a very diverse country.

With so many different cultures and immigrants present, Canadian culture is much more than maple syrup and ice hockey. The cities have incredible food and entertainment, inspired and created by the global presence across them.

Interestingly, almost half of all immigrants settle in the greater Toronto area, making it one of the cultural hubs of Canada.

9. Low Crime Rates in Canada

Canada is one of the safest countries to visit or live in. With low crime rates, strict gun laws, and solid law enforcement, Canada prides itself on being a very peaceful country.

The police are known to be quick to respond and easy to reach. Over 90 percent of citizens feel safe when walking in their neighborhoods at night. It helps that the Canadian government increased its investment and resources put into law enforcement each year.

10. Fun Cities

Canadian cities are lively and unique, each offering something fun and different.

Many of the cities in Quebec, such as Montreal and Quebec City, have a rich history and European roots that show throughout the city. The cobblestone streets and old architecture make your average walk around the city feel special.

On the other side of the country, British Columbia has completely British-inspired architecture, with high tea offerings and extensive rose gardens in Victoria and Vancouver.

High mountain cities like Calgary bring their own feeling with experiences like rodeos in the high mountains.

And, of course, there’s the big city life like Toronto, which feels like a mini New York with all of its entertainment and vibrancy.

11. Quality & Affordable Education in Canada

When imagining yourself raising a family in a new place, education is one of the first considerations. With Canada, you can be assured that kids will receive quality education for a reasonable price.

Over 95 percent of Canadians choose to put their kids through the public school system. This system is highly respected internationally as one of the best education systems.

Secondary education is also renowned in Canada, with low tuition prices for Canadian citizens at some of the world’s top universities. If you’re ever considering going back to school, Canada is a great place to do it once you’re a resident. Unfortunately, international students pay higher tuition, so you must establish residency first.

12. Welcoming Immigration Policies

Now that you’ve seen all the incredible things that Canada has to offer, you’ll want to know how you and your family can become permanent residents. Turns out, that’s a huge reason to move as well!

Canadian immigration programs are renowned for being quicker, easier, and safer than other countries. Their policies attract people from around the world looking to immigrate confidently and safely.

The quickest pathway to becoming a permanent resident is a 2-year journey, which is significantly less than in many other countries. Along the way, the new immigrants have significantly more protection once in Canada than many other places offer.

Not to mention, the Canadian passport is one of the best in the world!


If you’re ready to make one of the most beautiful countries your new home country, start packing and keep researching. There is so much to learn, see, and experience in this gorgeous city.

It’s a relatively easy process to immigrate to Canada with plenty of resources from the government. With so many people immigrating each year, it’s typically easy to find a community to smooth the transition.

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