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 I live in beautiful Vancouver with my husband Dan and my daughter Hazel (and one on the way!) in a cozy one bedroom apartment that we've made into a home that we love! My days are filled with blogging, working on Pink House and being a mom. I love it. When Hazel and I aren't in the studio, you can find us at home or exploring our neighbourhood. Going out for walks, exploring coffee shops, stopping by the local consignment and thrift stores is our regular weekend activity. 

A few of my favourite things are going out for breakfast, eating tacos while the sun sets at the beach, and afternoon matinees with a big bag of popcorn and maltesers. 

Dan and I love to sing, and record together when we have the time. We spent 2012 living in Australia travelling, writing, working and hanging out with his relatives (he was born there!) We had lots of free time and wrote a lot of songs we hope to still record some day, a few of them are on our bandcamp page here >> 

I love spending my days blogging with my sister Lindsay, it's seriously a dream and I'm so grateful we get to do this! Thanks for following along!!  xoxo

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