L I N D S A Y   S J O B E R G,    2 5 

I am slightly obsessed with all things shiny, sparkly, and practically anything that resembles a disco ball. I live in a cozy apartment which is known for it's constant disco ball spinning in our living room, so naturally, we had to name our place the Disco Hotel. Open door policy is how I like to live, and sitting around a living room enjoying my evenings with wine and friends, new and old, is my happy place. If I'm not at a cafe, or out at happy hour for cheezies and whiskey, you will most likely find me snug under my loft bed, writing and playing music. Seattle is my second home, and I am constantly off on some sort of weekend adventure with my pals. 

I love people, and strongly believe that sharing and swapping stories and experiences is the most wonderful form of connection. I believe everyone has a beautiful story to tell, and the greatest sparks and movements inside someone's heart can simply be through sharing and being open. I currently have a project under construction of a way to find and reveal these stories, and I'm excited to share it soon!

"the poem. the one. that is running through your life. pay attention. to that poem." - nayyirah waheed