JD's Barbershop is a great place for a hot shave. A relaxed environment in the heart of Gastown. We had our friend Branden from Seattle come and hang out with us and get the 5-start hot shave treatment. We were jealous of all the hot towels soaking on his face- it's like the perfect man facial. Plus, it comes with a nice glass of whiskey, not too shabby. 

Whats so great about a Hot Shave? It's basically like a man-facial. It gives an effective shave because the hot cloths that are constantly placed on their face- in between shaves - open the pores of their skin and relaxes the facial muscles, softening their whiskers for  more effective cutting. By having this constant hot water soaking your face, the blade of the razor skims the surface of your face rather than dragging on it, which is the main cause of irritation, redness and shaving bumps.  

What a handsome chap ^^ he plays cool music too ladies, check out his band Barcelona here.