Our friends Rhett and Jesse Morrow created this easy DIY leather key chain, OR simplify this DIY by using any strong fabric.

Rhett sent us an email with his instructions for the DIY:
Cut leather 3/4 "x3"
Punch small holes

If you want more detailed instructions, here are ours:   ;)


Scratch Awl (Point-making tool, if you don't have this you can be creative around your house and find something that would be strong enough to poke the hole)
Hard surfaced mallet or hammer
Keychain accessories (etsy)


- Use ruler to measure out 3/4" x 3" piece of leather. Scratch awl can be used to make marks in the leather. Feel free to round the corners on the ends of the strips.

- Use sheers to cut the leather strip. 

- Give the leather a bit of a stretch to make it easier to bend. 

- Fold the leather in slightly less than 3 equal parts

- Use Punch to first mark 4 evenly spaced holes. Then use the punch with a hard mallet or hammer to make holes through all (3) layers of leather. The holes should go completely through. 

- place elements of keychain in leather.


- Run thread through middle and top layer of leather first. (Top Left Photo) Be sure to leave a few inches of thread outside of the first hole. (Top Right Photo)

- Then go back through all three layers (Bottom Left Photo).  This will allow the end of the thread to be hidden in final product. 

- Continue until you have 5 or so loops of thread around all three layers of leather (Bottom Right). The last loop should result in the needle pass through only the bottom layer and out of the bottom layer of the next hole 3325 /3328 . 

- Repeat this process for the 3 remaining holes, each time avoiding the bottom layer on the first and last threading.  

Once all for holes have been properly sewn:

-Take remaining thread from one side and pass it through the space at the bottom of the key chain (Top Left Photo) 

-Loop thread together (Top Right Photo) and pass the same end back through the space (Bottom Left Photo). 

-Pull tight and repeat this 4 or 5 times until it is well knotted. 

- Clip ends of thread and walla presto your keychain is done. 

Thank you Rhett, and Jesse Morrow for helping with this incredible DIY. Check out more of Jesse Morrow's Photography and Design work Here.