it is well...

I was just sitting down between clients to take a look and some of my daily blogs, and I noticed a theme between a few today, a message to ladies about social/media pressure. I feel this is a such a hot topic for me lately, especialy spending so much time on pinterest, facebook, twitter, blogs, and instagram. Sometimes the pictures of cute clothes, skinny girls, long hair, and pretty houses can take over my mind. I finally decided to leave instagram after feeling like everything needed to be "pretty" so i could instagram it.. Sometimes we need to just step back from checking our notifications, followers, and hits and think why do i care? To spend time on the people and things that really matter to me and bring me happiness!

Here are a couple of the posts that I came across from today, check them out! 


"Dear Female Population" By Carly Kmyta


"She decided to start living the life she'd imagined." by Kelly Swanson

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