Entertaining at Christmas with Google

This holiday season, I have been really enjoying making Christmas Cocktails for my friends! My go-to is a Whiskey Sour or a classic Old Fashioned. I am always pressed for time (as I am a procrastinator) so I was really excited about using my Google Home Mini to find a quick vegan cocktail recipe a few minutes before my guests arrived!  We have been really into doing a ton of vegan recipes on the blog lately, so it’s been really fun to think clean when it comes to cocktails too.

This cocktail recipe is so easy and really tasty!! All I did was ask the Google Assistant on my Google Home Mini, “Hey Google, find me a Whiskey Sour Recipe” and voila! Within seconds it was listing off the ingredients I needed to grab from my kitchen. Also, a link for the recipe popped up when I opened my Google Home app, so I could read the recipe as well, and take notes about the recipe in the app.

Did you know that you can make Whiskey Sours by substituting egg whites with chickpea juice?! WHAT A WIN! I was so excited about this because it tasted the exact same and what a great substitute!

For this recipe, the Google Assistant found me a really yummy classic Whiskey Sour that has 2oz Whiskey, 1 tsp honey, 1oz fresh lemon juice, 1oz chickpea juice from the can, a few cubes of ice.

Shake it all up and pour it over ice into a glass. I left some room on the top of the cocktail and added some red wine! Pour the wine onto the back of a spoon so the wine sits on top of the cocktail instead of being forced to the bottom of the glass.

I use my Google Home every single day. I have one in my bedroom, and a Google Home Mini (the one shown in these photos) in my living room. I’m always finding new artists by asking the Google Assistant “Hey Google, play me my Daily Mix” and since it is linked to my Spotify, it starts playing the playlists linked to my account. I also didn’t have time to make a Christmas playlist before my guests arrived so I asked, “Hey Google, can you play me an Oldies Christmas Playlist” and it had a playlist ready for me that was perfect. My friends always have a lot of fun piping in and getting the Google Assistant to play whatever song they were itching to hear. It’s a fun conversation starter, and anytime we get into an argument, we ask Google to look it up and it always clears the air, haha, it’s pretty hilarious to have Google’s knowledge at our beck and call - it keeps us all off of our phones too.

I hope you enjoyed this yummy Vegan Cocktail Recipe! Now that I have this recipe saved on my Google Home app, I’m ready to go for round two.