Watermelon Sangria

SUMMMERRRR calls for Watermelon Sangria!! HEYO! 

We used a bottle of Two Oceans Pino Grigio, a watermelon, some mint and a couple lemons! This recipe is sooo refreshing, and it's the perfect drink for chilling in the backyard, or if you don't have a backyard (like us) you can pretend and lounge with your indoor palm tree instead ;)

The first step is to hollow out your watermelon! We bought small watermelons, and if you were wanting to make a few for friends, we'd suggest getting ones that are even smaller! If you wanted to use a giant watermelon, you could get a punch ladel and scoop it out into glasses to share! 


Hazel was my little sidekick for this recipe. She wouldn't leave my side, and chomped on that ball of melon for a good half hour. 

Once you scoop out most of the melon, throw it in a blender with a cup full of fresh mint, and some lime juice. Blend it up and strain it so that you leave behind all the chunks. Add half the bottle of wine to the watermelon juice and pour it all back into the watermelon bowl! 

There you have it! Sip sip sip away!