Vancouver Folk Festival 2012

This was our fourth year at Vancouver Folk Festival, In 2009 we were selling feather earrings on a blanket out side of the marketplace and then we declared ourselves "Kalos"! So because it all started at folk fest its really special for us to go back every year! The market is huge, almost 200 booths of really cool treasures along Jericho Beach. Once again we had a blast! 

1. We created a chalkboard wall for a booth this year, which we loved! until it was pack up time ;) 

2. Tegan's creations that she sent from Australia came JUST in time to be sold at folk fest

3. Just sitting in our booth, it was a really chill weekend getting to hang out, and meet so many people!

4. The pretty rings we bought from our booth neighbour! 

5. David and Sid came for some hangs... 

6. Just a little poncho love