Citrus Computer Decal // Treasures Shop & Lauren by Design

We are so excited to launch another product in our Treasures Shop!

This Citrus Macbook Decal is created by Lauren by Design, and we are in love with the citrus / floral  pastel design. It is nice and simple, yet adds such a cute and pretty touch to your Macbook Computer! 

The decals are waterproof and matte - all decals are shipped with an instruction card, but if you'd like to learn how to apply it before you receive it, you can check out this instructional video! 

• There is a small border that will be left around your laptop to accommodate the round corners. If your decal looks slightly smaller than your laptop, it is designed that way on purpose. 
• Decals do not have the apple logo cut out of them and they are not clear (ie. it’s opaque and there’s a white background on most decals)

Lauren has lots of other fun designs on her site, be sure to check them out and show her some love! CLICK HERE to see all her decals!

Pretty up your computer by purchasing your own Citrus Macbook Decal here! 

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