In The Studio // Christmas Traditions


Christmas is the best. I am so excited for this year, it has already been filled with amazing memories and new traditions have started. We cut down our tree last week and that was so much fun! It was my first time going to a tree farm and getting that whole experience, it even snowed that day, which for Vancouver, is a rare thing! It was SO magical, I really want to keep that tradition. Christmas Eve is spent with Daniel's family, they're German and have always celebrated on the 24th which works out perfectly because my family has a full day of Christmas traditions on the 25th!
I love Christmas with his family, because all of his other relatives are in Australia, it's small, just with his parents, sister and her husband. We always have a nice breakfast and open presents before devouring a huge turkey lunch! 
Christmas morning is with my famliy, we wake up early and open stockings first! We all (still) pile on my mom and dad's bed and take turns opening our stockings, each item gets a story or description of how we will use it or why we love it. It's pretty funny. After stockings we make a big breakfast, and then open presents, always one at a time, around the circle, making it last as long as possible! This year gifts will be a little bit different, we're doing a "make it or thrift it" Christmas, I'm sure it will be filled with some really good laughs and some creative gifts! If you have any fun ideas of things to make, send them my way! I still have a few to think of, it is definitely a lot more work and takes some creative thinking, but it's going to be a lot of fun. 



Christmas is SUCH a magical time for me. Firstly, well I mean it's Christmas and you all get that... It was also the season when David and I started dating 4 years ago. He started texting and calling me in November and then we started dating at the very beginning of December so we have so many GREAT memories of that time of year. Like the first time we watched Elf together, visiting him at work (which conveniently happened to be a Christmas tree farm taking our picture with Santa, making gingerbread houses. All of these things that we have fond memories of doing for the first time together when our relationship that were so new and exciting have become traditions that are so special to us. One of my favourites memories is visiting the Christmas tree farm that he worked at, we look at the trees, drink apple cider and buy a tacky ornament which we write the year on the back of. Then we come home and watch a Christmas movie. I still love all the traditions that my mom started with us as kids, but it's so fun to be starting our own with our little family.



I love Christmas sooooo much. It is most definitely my favourite time of the year. As soon as November 1st rolls around I am quietly getting excited. Over the years I have learned to contain my excitement until mid November at least, or people get CRANKY at me. By then, I have cartons of eggnog in my fridge and lights already strung on my walls. December is my favourite month, it is saturated in nostalgia and magic. Cold air, warm drinks, fireside musical gatherings, mittens, cozy sweaters, wool socks, snow, mountain activities, holiday festivities and ginger bead houses, are just a few things I love about Christmas. As Tegan mentioned above, every Christmas eve we get to open one present and it is always pj's. The night is then spent sipping on yummy hot chocolate filled with marshmallows and we eat really sugary snacks. Christmas morning we get up pretty early and all cram onto my parents bed. It is quite hilarious these past few years because we are now adults.. and we still cram on my parents bed. After our stockings we have a huge breakfast with eggnog, coffee, and orange juice. WOW, right? Gifts come next, and this year I am so excited because we are doing something completely new. We are doing a "make it or thrift it" Christmas, which is a lot more challenging then I expected it to be. I love it though because it causes us to be a lot more thoughtful with our gift giving rather than just throwing money around. There will be new memories this year, thats for sure. We then have time to clean up and start preparing the feast for the family. Such a lovely day. I am dreaming of a white Christmas thats for sure, anyone else? 




What is YOUR favourite Christmas tradition???