DIY // Shibori Tea Towel

Lately we have been really in love with shibori dyed fabrics and decided to experiment with it a little ourselves. We tried out doing some natural fabric dying with beets, but unfortunately it didn't last the way we hoped to. After when run through the was the colour was completely gone. We wanted to still shared the technique we used because we loved the result before the colour faded. But we recommend using proper shibori dye (found here) or if you have tips on natural dye we would love to hear your experience. 

Step 1: Fold the tea towel accordion style in both directions. 
Step 2: Sandwich the tea towel between to hard surfaces, we used ceramic tiles. You could also use pieces of wood, or plastic.
Step 3: Tie together using yarn or elastic bands. If you use a coloured yarn the colour will bleed on to the fabric, which can add something fun! Where you place the string will determine the pattern of your dye, so use as many or as few as you would like as long as the two tiles are tightly tied down. 
Step 4: Place the Towel into the dye, and follow the dye instructions. 

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