Nanaimo Part 2

Thanks to Tourism Nanaimo, we stayed in the lovely Coast Bastian Hotel for the duration of our stay in Nanaimo! It was in the perfect location, overlooking the waterfront where all the seaplanes land and take off. Everywhere in town is super close, so we spent the day walking around, and grabbed some smoothies to prepare our stomachs for our seaplane adventure! 

These suuuuper cozy Fazl Socks were made in the Himalayas by women who are donating 50% of the profits to orphaned and destitute children in India, providing them with shelter, education and water. These ladies are doing such a beautiful thing and we are honoured to be able to promote them. Please buy a pair for you and your loved ones this Winter!! 

My friend Jesse Morrow, who you see in these Nanaimo blog posts, created this egg-ellent crewneck sweater. I am so smitten with this sassy thing. You can buy your own here!! 

We grabbed some coffee at Regard and chatted with the extremely friendly staff. We played a quick game of chess while we sipped on our tasty brew. This place is adorable and I'm definitely going back every time I go to Nanaimo. 

This "hike" was the best! It was a super short walk up some steps on Sugarloaf Mountain (how adorable is that name?!) It was such a stunning view of Nanaimo for such a quick little journey. 

This harbor really took my heart for a spin. Lately I have been really loving the idea of living in a boat in False Creek. Call me crazy, but one day It's gotta happen. The other day I was with my boyfriend and we were sitting in a little rowboat beside Science World. This man came to shore in his speed boat, and hopped off to walk his dog. My boyfriend asked him if we could have a spin around False Creek in exchange for some beers. He laughed at our odd request and warmly invited us onto his boat. With his glass of wine in hand, he took us for a little spin around the harbour. He happened to spend half the year living in his boats (He pointed to two bigger boats anchored by Science World) It was the most magical night, and ever since I have been determined to buy a boat one day. 

Sunshine Coast Air!! We had the BEST flight in this little sea plane. I had never been up in the air before in such a small plane, and even though I got a little bit woozy, it was such an incredible experience. 

Elaine from Local Wanderer was absolutely set on finding this spiral staircase on the shore of the beach, and we were SO excited when we actually found it! Unfortunately it was locked up, but something about it was quite stunning and mysterious. 

We were so smitten with this rocky crystal blue water beach that we decided to celebrate the night with sparklers! This was my favourite part of our whole trip. Nothing like sparks to end the trip with a bit of magic. 

Thanks again Tourism Nanaimo!! We had such a lovely time away, and we can't wait to visit again.