Why we love second-hand

Tegan and I are huge thrifters and get a big thrill off of any golden second-hand find. One of my favourite times of the year is GARAGE SALE SEASON! I love going through other people’s things and trying to find something special for my home. I also love the idea of having pre-owned / pre- loved goods in my home, as opposed to new furniture. I love it when items have a sense of a story around them. Almost every painting and piece of furniture in my apartment was found and swapped online, thrifted, or found at a garage sale.   

We came across Kijiji’s Second-hand Van video (*you can also watch this video at the bottom of this post) that is all about promoting the second-hand community in Vancouver and has inspired a different way of thinking for me when it comes to really being intentional about buying/swapping / selling my things. This episode of the series features Space Lab - such a cool antique store in Vancouver that I love to visit after sipping on coffee across the street at Propaganda. I bought one of my favourite round mirrors in that store! It is so important to be aware of where you put your money.

Tegan and I really try to be careful where we buy our goods, and if we aren’t buying them from local companies that we want to support, we are all about digging and finding the used gems for a cheaper price than getting them new. This mindset tends to spill into many other areas of our lives that are just as important - like where we get our clothing for example. We are trying to expand our knowledge and curiosity over each and every article in our closet, and make sure that they are coming from a trusted source. Also, being bloggers requires us to take lots of photos, which means, lots of different outfits. We try our best to keep on top of our closets and give our old clothing to charitable thrift stores, sell our clothing online, and also shop that way too. Gotta keep your carbon footprint to a minimum wherever you can right?!

We started looking around our homes after watching that video, and realized that we actually have SO many second hand items, haha it was quite funny actually. I love how Vancouver has so many options for the reusing, recycling and swapping products and items in your home. We love to go to the many community thrift shops as well as curated vintage clothing stores! Another way to shop is to browse online sites like Kijiji - It's a super easy way to browse through clothing and find killer deals.

This wicker shelving unit is hands down one of my favourite second-hand pieces!
I got it for $20 - what a steal. I loaded it into my truck and car-danced all the way home. Fun tip*  the lady I bought it off of suggested I sprayed it with lemon essential oil to preserve the wicker and keep it clean & smelling fresh. Buying furniture online has been super easy and fun! I love looking through all the photos and trying to imagine what old pieces you can modernize and restore or DIY to fit my space.

This orange chair is one of my favourites. It is my roommate Elaine’s chair that she received from her Dad. I love furniture that has been handed down, I know she will have it forever and will continue to hand it down, and that is such a beautiful thing.

I am also all about buying/selling/swapping instruments online! Every instrument I have ever owned was bought online second-hand or swapped with another instrument I owned. I have bought 2 of my guitars that way, and have been super happy with the process. I am all about the online buying and selling, I am quite addicted to it actually. It is an amazing way to get easily get rid of things you don’t want and make a little cash, plus it’s super easy. This is really random, but I currently have a French Horn in my closet *yes, random - I played it in my band Behind Sapphire for a while haha* I snapped a few photos of it on my iphone and put it up for sale. I was *this close to just getting rid of it at a thrift store, but with a bit of extra motivation I can just put it up online and make some moneyyyyy heyooo! I also have my old grad dress as well as some bridesmaid dresses I plan on selling online - definitely the best way to go about it, plus I just find it really fun

Check out these vids we were talking about for second-hand inspo!