"Oh Baby" Banner // Door Mat Hack

It was SO much fun to host Tegan's first ever baby shower! I made this banner out of a thick woven doormat I got for only $10! The greatest thing about this DIY is that it is SUPER easy, and the items you need to purchase are easy to find and affordable.

You'll Need:

Woven Door Mat -I found mine at a local store, you can find one at any home-type store and the plain ones are usually pretty cheap!
- No-Sew fabric glue
- Yarn (Whatever colour! It could be fun to get creative!) 
- Thick embroidery needles
- Rod-You can be creative with this one too. You could get a copper tube from Home Depot, a wooden dowel, or if you literally cant find anything in time like me - the end of a broom ;)

I found this pole in my parents garage (I used this due to lack of time, but Tegan switched it and used a wooden dowel she found at Home Depot for only $3 and it looks WAY better)

1. Lay the mat flat, wrap the mat around the pole and secure it to the fabric with the no-sew fabric glue. (This creates a loop in the fabric so you can switch the rod if you want and its easier to transport) 

2. Turn the mat around, and glue the bottom corners, folded inward, creating a point. 

3. Thread your needle with the yarn, and start by sticking the yarn through the back of the banner. (So you keep the writing neat and clean on the front)

4. Add whatever quote you like! 

If you are interested in purchasing a banner- send us an email!