Tessa Hughes // Staple Pieces

Tegan and I loooooove the clothing from our good friend Tessa Hughes. (You can check out Tegan's post here) I am wearing the Short Sleeve Raglan Dress - which we happen to be GIVING AWAY today! Head on over to our Instagram page, to enter into the contest. 

This dress is seriously the best. It's thin and breathable, but it isn't see-through! I'm a big fan of clothes you can just slip on, and you don't have to worry about layering. It is truly the perfect t-shirt dress. What I love most about Tessa's clothing is that her pieces will look incredible on everyone. They are timeless additions to everyone's wardrobe. Tegan and I have been talking lots about forming our wardrobes to have more quality clothing that will last decades, rather than cheap - factory clothing that you throw away after a year or two. That's why we love Tessa's brand and are excited to promote it!

You can buy the Raglan Dress here, but also don't forget to enter our Giveaway! 
// Shoes : Teva
// Poncho : Pendleton