Link Love Friday

  • Target is my favvvv place to find cute home decor. My roommate Elaine and I found this circle shelf there for only $40.
  • This couch I found in our alley as my roomate and I were taking out the garbage. We looked at it and couldn't decide if it was worth keeping, cause you know.. it was by the garbage dump. We took our chances because it was sooo cute and as we were awkwardly carrying it to our apartment, our neighbour ran outside and said "Hey! Awesome! I'm so glad someone in the apartment is taking this away, it's clean and has no bed bugs." Phew. Although I love this couch, it's pretty uncomfortable and I've been DREAMING getting of this one. 
  • I'm very excited to head to the studio this weekend to record a song I wrote. Looking forward to record with my boyfriend and Harley - both incredible musicians you should check out. 
  • Also, this band Whitney (the top record on my shelf) was one of my top fav record of 2016. 
  • My friends made this rad company called Brunch Club where I got this sassy egg- boob shirt (photo below). I looooove it. Their stuff is so fun. 
  • How cute is our neon light "hey" sign. My roommate got it from (you guessed it) TARGET! From the Oh Joy section - our fav.
  • My plant you see peeking in every photo is named Richard. I bought him when we first moved into our apartment, and WOW he has gone wild and realllly made himself feel at home. So much so we are afraid to move, we literally don't know how we are going to move him. 
  • Down down down below in the last photo in this post, is a beeswax candle from Hives for Humanity - a local Vancouver business which encourages community connections through beekeeping! It is such a cool company, I'm a bit obsessed with it <3