Link Love

  • I'm almost at 18 weeks with this baby and it's moving so much, I love waking up and feeling it's little kicks on my hand, best way to start the day. 
  • Isn't this little swinging chair a dream?! Been spending my work days in it ;) you can find a similar one here.
  • I just got a gorgeous linen top from La Causa and love love it, it's so incredibly comfy. This romper is so dreamy!
  • I just got this pillow from BB Hug Me and it's incredible. I never had a pillow like this through my first pregnancy so it's such a dream. Sleeping this week got way more comfy!
  • Finally a fiddle leaf I can't kill! love this new UrbanWalls decal. 
  • This amazing romper I'm wearing is from OffOn, I purchased it from Nettles Tale Shop which just opened right across the street from our studio in Gastown. A great little shop for gifts and swimwear and they carry Pink House products!