Flaring out


These photos are the last of our Hawaiian adventure, and we are happy to get things going with blog posts of Summer in Vancouver. As Tegan was mentioning in her last update post, we are SO pumped to be in charge of curating the official market for Vancouver Mural Festival! Putting on a market is something new to us, and we have just jumped right in. If you are around in Vancouver on August 20th, head on over to Thornton Park and come visit us! (OR if you want to volunteer on the day, send us an email - OR if you know someone who would be a good vendor, we are accepting applications here :))


Lots of these beach walks consisted of many thoughts and reflections back on the year. Nothing like going away from life back home and spending hours by the sea. May was a hard month with it being Mothers Day, as well as our Mothers Birthday a few weeks after. Tegan and I talk often about our beautiful Mother, and about her huge and everlasting impact on our lives as we move forward. This August is coming upon one year of her passing, and it feels very surreal. It has been this lurking shadow in the back of my mind for months that creeps in closer every once in a while to check in. I have learned that these emotions are not something to be afraid of, but rather to be embraced and to give them their time to wander about. 

|| I am trying to remember you and let you go at the same time - mourn by Nayyirah Waheed ||




I was talking with a friend the other night about death, about the conversation around it. My best friend lost her sister as well as her Dad (him, after years of sickness)  only months apart, and one month later my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My conversation with my friend was about how I handle the frequent death conversations. I told him that I recently listened to a podcast about a Death Cafe - they are set up in over 33 countries, and it is where people gather to drink tea and talk about death. It sounds super gloomy and morbid, but what was interesting to them was that, as much as the conversations spiral around death, interestingly so,  sheds just as much light on life. When talking about death, there seems to be a direct reflection on life, how you perceive it, what you put value in, and then shifts your perspective on how you want to be living.  


I am grateful for a community of beautiful women who share openly about their grief. It has proven to me to be very powerful. As we have been reflecting on our dear friends Bethany and David's one year anniversary of Goldie Bloom's passing, I have realized how important it is to talk openly about death, for in it, we talk about the most important aspects of life and living. If you haven't, you can read about Bethany's story here and a reflection on her one year here.

A while back I was so touched reading the honesty and bravery in our friend Laura's blog post on miscarriage. I later chatted with her about the unspoken fear of talking about grief and mourning. We all grieve losses, and she writes about it so beautifully. 
You can read her post here as well as an update here (She just had a precious and healthy baby boy! CONGRATS!!) 

We have had the pleasure of meeting Michaela, and hearing about her courageous journey with her beautiful daughter Florence. Her journey highlights the importance of normalizing #MamaGrief and we are so in awe at how she tells her story, and lives with her arms and honest heart wide open. You can read about Flo's story here, and the honouring of her one year of passing here

Tegan and I have been personally affected and inspired by these ladies, and there are so many more who openly and courageously tell their tales. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, for walking this journey with us and allowing us to be open and honest with our grief and receiving it so warmly.