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These photos are from when Tegan and I were in Hawaii, and I am being reminded of the peaceful mind I had on this beach. It was such a beautiful place to be, it was so easy to step away from life back home and let my mind wander and be refreshed by the sea. 


At church on Sunday, our Pastor was talking about a term called "soft deconstructionism". In everyday life, it is so easy for us to become distracted with work, with "where we'd rather be", keeping up with Instagram, and flooding your snapchat feed with your day. (No hate on snap chat its MY personal FAV) The danger isn't in social media, the danger is in the time spent lingering there. The wearing away of your mind into your phone. The distraction. The time we spend every day looking at someone else's life and things, and how it can act as a sort of weathering on your mind.

I have noticed this way more since being home from Hawaii. How this type of distraction can creep up and secretly suffocate you. Not to be dramatic, but also, think about how many hours you spend staring at your phone, the habit it's become. I think it's a good challenge to process that, and make a mental note to replace some of that time with doing things that will bring you life and joy (social media can bring these things as well, don't get me wrong, within moderation) Read a book, eat your lunch without looking at your phone, leave your phone at home, go for a walk and sit in a park, think, pray, revel in the nature around you, let your mind wander.

Days slip by too fast. I am trying harder this summer to balance how often I am on social media, and it makes a big difference in my mood, as well as my confidence in the things I am inspired by. I think It's easy to forget that you were once inspired by things other than the works of others hands and profiles. 

"Above all remember that the meaning of life is to live it as it were a work of art. You're not a machine. When you're young, start working on this great work of art called your own existence." - Abraham Herschel


Side note: How awesome are these bathing suits?? We do not lie when we say Nettles Tale are our favourite bathing suits. They are so comfortable and I am just in love with the company. I wore this bathing suit every day in Hawaii and the harsh waves never took that top away ;)

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