An update with Hunni's

C U R R E N T L Y //

  • Sitting in the studio, sipping on some wine and listening to the new Jack Garratt album Phase.
  • I have been reading Daring Greatly - a book by Brene Brown. It is a beautiful and important book about the ubiquitous fear of vulnerability in society, and our inability to want to recognize it within ourselves. It teaches a lot about shame, and how it is something that everyone deals with daily. Often being open and honest with others about our shame is seen as weakness, vulnerability and fragility, but Brene marks it as courage.
    "I'm drawn to your vulnerability, but I am repelled by mine" We often see vulnerability in others as strength and courage, but as soon as we feel it within ourselves we hate and envelope with fear that very same thing. 
  • I ordered a book of poems by Nayyirah Waheed called "Salt". I shared a few poems last week on the blog, and I am constantly inspired by her writing. If you love poetry, I encourage you to purchase her book! Here is one of my favourites this week:  
    "you do not need to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. you could be a water and soft river your way to freedom too." - options

R E C E N T L Y // 

This week was packed with a lot of fun events that were super inspiring, and I would love to share them with you! 

  • Tegan and I had the opportunity to host an event at our studio with Latergramme called "Coffee with Creatives" We talked about the ins and outs of our social media world, and some tips we have learned over the years. We had such a lovely time and we are loving the community that Latergramme is providing in these meet-ups. Be sure to look out for future events! 
  • My friend Nathan Shubert was playing down the street at a bar, and he performed his beautiful piano music that just completely captivates me every time! You can see a little clip of it here. 
  • Pierce Jordan is an artist/designer and he is displaying an interactive light exhibit! I went to see it last week and fell in love with all of his designs. If you live in Vancouver you can see it for yourself! 
  • Last week I went to see the band Wet play, they were really great live - be sure to give them a listen.

I got these overalls from a vintage store in New Zealand almost 7 years ago!
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