Birthday Cake Waffles

Oh my goooooodness you guys, this was delicious. I love a good "waffle iron" hack. Like putting tater tots on it to cook them into a tater tot waffle. SO delicious! For this waffle cake recipe, we simply used a box of Betty Crocker white cake mix and added a ton of sprinkles and cooked it like a regular waffle. It was cakey, gooey and I'm not going to say we didn't dip it in the cake batter and it wasn't delicious. (that was a confusing sentence, but you can figure it out for yourself). Top it off with some vanilla ice cream and voila. I think this would be a great breakfast in bed birthday treat! Also did you know you can skip adding the eggs and oil and use a can of soda water instead? I forgot about this amazing trick until I was reminded this week, very handy when you don't have eggs on hand! 

Don't forget to top it off with lots of extra sprinkles! mmm...