Link Love Friday //

  • I just fell in love with these washable paper bags. OH.  Especially this silver one. wow wow wow.
  • currently wearing my new favourite fazl socks (not taking them off all winter)
  • Been listening to Lights acoustic album alllllll week (& Frank Ocean haha ... very different)
  • After this week, ladies...i think we all need this shirt. 
  • I've been living in these Mom jeans, and I couldn't be happier. Really want to purchase these next!
  • Every night for the past few months I threw out all of my acne cleaners and have been using our Louelza Pink House Face Wash.. I LOOOOOVE IT. I'm so proud my Mom and Aunt created the perfect face wash that I can be proud to promote and use everyday <3 
  • YOGA! If you are in Vancouver, please sign up for our Yoga classes with Steph!
  • Tegan and I have had our eyes on this incredible coffee machine, holy moly! Get in our studio!
  • Been burning these Firewood/Bay Rum babies every day, can't get enough, it's officially my fav.