Boat Rides

I am often asked a lot of questions about blogging full time and being a mom full time. As Hazel is so clearly growing right before my eyes it's definitely getting a little bit harder to juggle working with this little one by my side at all times. But at the same time, I'm so lucky that I get to work with her by my side. Not all days are as productive as they could be, especially now that she is very mobile. A lot more of my time is spent prying little things from her fingers, and rescuing her from the chair she managed to get stuck under. It was certainly a lot easier when she was content with a toy laying on a blanket but those days are long gone! Learning how to manage my time better is key. Also, not trying to do too much at once. She needs more attention now, so I'm not going to get into editing a big series of photos unless it's nap time! 

This is where I am also learning patience. My personality loves structure. I struggle with change and when things don't go as planned, I sometimes panic. So when Hazel just won't go down for her nap in the afternoon when I'm expecting her to, it can easily throw me off! Her schedule is constantly changing and being a mom has made me SO much more flexible. I'm glad it's chilled me out a bit in that way, haha. Babies are like little mirrors, and they bring out the best and worst in you. I've learned that I can be quick to get frustrated and lose my patience, but with that I'm learning how to control it, slow down, and figure out what this little human needs who can't tell me with words.

We have a lot of fun together, it's been so amazing seeing her personality coming out, she's so curious and eager to learn. She loves to stand and really wants to walk, I'm not quiet ready for that yet so I'm hoping she takes her time with that one. 

I'm really glad she gets to hang out with her auntie almost every day. I think that's really special. Our studio is about a 10 minute drive or a 15 minute bus ride from our apartment (Lindsay and I currently live in the same apartment complex - very handy!) We sometimes drive, but often bus because parking in the city is not the most fun. Something we're learning is to PLAN ahead. If we get to the studio without a game plan for the day, we get almost nothing done. So we've learned to make sure to have a good handful of posts, and all the supplies we need before we get there, so we can use our time wisely. Also the first hour of the day can really set the tone for the rest, so we try to get working, after sitting and enjoying a good cup of coffee, of course. 

I love these photos of Haze and I, they were from our ferry ride over to Victoria a few weeks back (see post here!) If you have any specific questions about blogging or working and mommyhood - comment below :)


P.S. I get asked about this coat a lot, here's a link to it!