A Month Of Beaches // Lindsay at Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks beach definitely has my heart in many ways. Nothing can beat the far out tide with the beautiful view of the Vancouver cityscape on the horizon. The tide goes out so far on most days which create the most perfect shallow pools for skim boarding! A few years ago after a failed attempt at skateboarding, I ambitiously took up skim boarding. It was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated, considering how ill prepared I was from skateboarding. When I lived in White Rock I would go down to the beach by myself and skim board for hours! (White Rock beach happens to be one of the top rated beaches in the world for skim boarding by the way!) Now living in Vancouver the closest I can get is Spanish Banks (which is pretty darn incredible) and the view alone is just the most spectacular thing. 

Spanish banks is less busy than most other beaches in Vancouver which is great for me when I take my skim board out there -  less people on the beach means less people watching me bail face first into the sand! I am sure my clumsiness can be quite the entertainment for the beach folk. 

The giant cargo boats are actually one of my favourite things about this beach. I just can't help but day dream about the long adventures across the sea that they travel along, and all the goods they bring to and from our city. They also light up the sea at night which is quite magical

Never be afraid to try something new! I was so scared to skim board but it was exhilarating and fun. Grab a couple friends and just go for it. Trust me, you will have a blast even if you end up on your butt half the time, like me.