DIY // Rustic Signs

I'd been wanting to make some signs like this for a while, and last Sunday I had an afternoon to kill so I decided to start! 

What you will need: 

-Wood (you can really use any type you want! But I will give instructions for the wood I chose)

-Acrylic Paint



-Ruler / Measuring tape

-Hair dryer


-Hot glue



-Saw (Possibly) 

Painting the sign

Step 1: If you decide to split your sign into 3 pieces like I did, then start off by measuring out your wood and use the saw to cut them into 3 even pieces.

Step 2: Grab your Paint, stencil, paintbrush, measuring tape, and hair dryer. So perfectly space out your letters, measure the width of a standard stencil letter (example 2") then make markings along your piece of wood every 2". Paint your letters within each measured spot, leaving a whole spot or half spot for each space between words. 
TIP: Use the hair dryer after every letter while the stencil is still in place! This will keep your stencil dry so it doesnt leave wet paint marks when you move it around, and the letters also must be dry before you go to the next so that they dont smudge.  

Mounting the sign

You could really do it how ever you want! The way I did it was.. 

Step 1: Put screws into the wall, after measuring everything out to be sure it would all line up. 

Step 2: Hot glued a 2 loops of wire onto the back of each piece, and then hung those loops on the screws!


I decided to put shelves in between the signs to make that wall look a little more complete, I also have these shelves in my bathroom I love them, super easy to put up, and only 9.99 at Ikea