Harvest Pear Salad

Oh we love a good salad. Lindsay and I are always trying to come up with fun combinations for a healthy, hearty salad. You need a bit of savoury, sweet and crunch to make it perfectly balanced, in my opinion! Last week we went to Krausse Berry Farms and gathered up some Fall Harvest goodies to put this little salad together! 

When I'm just cooking up one corn, I throw it in the microwave, wrapped up in it's greens and cook in for 5 minutes. Once it's cooled a bit peel the layers and slice the kernels off of the cob.

You'll Need:
- Mixed Greens
- Corn
- Roasted Butternut Squash
- Fresh Pear
- Goat Cheese
- Candied Walnuts

- Olive Oil
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Maple Syrup
- Salt & Peppe

Combine all the ingredients with the dressing, toss and serve!