Rosé Party with Provence Wines


We had SUCH a lovely time hosting our friends for a rosé party with Provence wines. It was so nice to gather as a toast to the end of summer with a bunch of our pals, and of course, plenty of rosé and appetizers.

Provence wine is THE reference for rosé wine - being the region that was the birth place of the French Vineyard, as well as rosé wine. (read more here)


There are many different kinds of Rosè, most equate pink wine with sweet wine, but that is not always the case with rosé! It is quite the versatile wine, and Provence wine has the characteristics of being fresh, crisp, bright and dry - my favourite kind of rosé.

The wines we had were all so tasty. The Domaine Saint Ferréol and the Chateêau Saint-Maur were my favourites of the bunch from the 3 appelations which we paired with appetizers, salads, and cheese as well as some sweet chocolatey treats.


There was much cheersing, the rain stayed away and we kept warm under some blankets once the sun went down. The only thing missing was a cozy fire to snuggle beside! I realized that drinking rosé on a crisp fall evening is kind of the best way to drink it, because the temperature outside kept the wine at juuuuust the right temperature, I was actually quite pleased by that!


Hope you’re taking some time in this busy back-to-school season, whether you or your kiddos are in school or not September always seems to brings a wave of change! Ring in the season with some friends and a yummy few glasses of Provence wine, you won’t regret it ;)