DIY // How to Rip Jeans

If you follow us on Pinterest, you'll have noticed our latest obsession with ripped jeans. I was feeling like I needed something new so I decided to give my favourite jeans some holes (ha, the irony) I tested out a cheaper pair before destroying my favourite BDG's and I was happy with the results!

 I found the best way that didn't just look like you cut up your pair of jeans with craft scissors was this:

  • first find the spot you want the rip to be
  • cut a tiny hole at the end with your scissors
  • pull them apart, ripping them naturally.
  • you can use the scissors to cut a few smaller holes and use your fingers to fray the edges.
  • they always look better once you've thrown them through the wash! 

Do you have any tips on distressing your jeans?