Instaweek // Girlfriends, Roadtrips, Photoshoots

This is Tegan's Van- Betty. (Look At the van's transformation!) Tegan and Dan spent a week driving across Australia from Melbourne to Perth!! This Kanga woke them up one morning!!

Here are some of the AMAZING skies they experienced along the way. 

Here are some pictures from Bethany's week, and mine too! (Lindsay) 

Top two:       Bethany's a bridesmaid for Tiffany's wedding coming up! This is them celebrating!
                    Bethany had her birthday last week, and her Mom set up a Circus themed birthday party!

Middle two:   Bethany and the bridesmaids at the spa!
                    I recorded vocals this weekend with my band (Behind Sapphire)

Bottom two: Bethany and I had our Summer photoshoot! So much fun. Kirsten Berlie was our Photographer, (Check out her website here) The lovely Bryanna Johnson was our model, unfortunately half way through she got sick with the flu! She had to go home - luckily our Photographer happened to be a babe, she became our model and Bethany and I took over the camera! These are some screen caps of the video im editing!
                    Here is our cute friend Kir. Our photographer/model ;)




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