Polaroid Party!

Last week Kalos was asked to be apart of a Polaroid Party that was held at the Canvas Lounge in Vancouver! We were so excited to recieve our Polaroid Camera, and shoot shoot away! 

Bethany helped out with the Photos, but then quickly flew away and spent time in the sun with her family (check out her HAWAII instagrams! sooo Jealous!) 

Tegan and I had SUCH a great time. Thank you Team Awesome and everyone else involved!

Basically, the party was a fundraiser for children's education in India and Ethiopia! It was a HUGE success thanks to TEAM AWESOME- They raised more than expected, and the lounge was incredibly Packed out!!

Here are some of our Polaroids! 

a HUGE thanks to our BEAUTIFUL model, Laura Kunst! It was a bitterly cold day and she stuck it through, with BARE FEET! What a trooper. Pure Gem.


**ALSO, Check out these AMAZING polaroids from our Photographer Friend, Sean Dalin  

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