Crop That Plaid DIY

Tegan and I both have SO many plaid shirts in our closet that we never wear, but we just can't seem to get rid of them!

We thought, why not crop and fray em up?! 

Pick your plaid! Start by holding your shirt up by the centre where the buttons are. Lay it down so that, both arms are together at the back. (Sort of hard to explain, but the photo below shows!) Cut about an inch under where you want the crop to be, and cut straight across until you reach the seam. Once you get to the seam (under the arms of the shirt) start to cut on an angle downward toward the back of the shirt. This will create a scoop in the back of the shirt once you unfold it.

Once you cut, if you are happy with the length of your cut, start to fray the ends! We ran the blade of scissors across the bottom edge of the shirt and pulled at the seams and strings with your fingers. Fray it as much as you like! 

Cut a few inches off the sleeves and roll 'em up! 

Ta da!! Super easy, and completely transforms your old plaid shirt to something a bit more trendy and fun!

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