No-Sew Heart Pillows

Valentine heart pillows DIY easy 

These Valentine heart pillows were super easy to make aaaaaand inexpensive! All you need is some embroidery thread, a hot glue gun and glue, scissors, pillows (or stuffing) and fabric. (The thicker the fabric the easier to make, and more sturdy the pillow will be). 
We bought basic pillows from Walmart because they were only $3.50, so it was way cheaper than buying stuffing on its own. 

craft supplies for easy valentine DIY Pillows

Fold the fabric in half, and then in half again so you end up having 2 even sides for the heart pillow. Draw out half of a heart, and cut. 

Line up the pieces of fabric, and glue the outside of the heart together. Leave about an inch and a half so that you can stuff the pillow. Fill it until it is full, and glue up the bottom. 

woman sewing an easy DIY valentines day pillow

Add a simple stitching right outside the places where you added the hot glue. 

woman holding cute valentine diy pillows holiday