A Month of Breakfast // Picnic in the Park


A couple of weeks ago we invited a few of our friends to join us for a picnic brunch! We went to Trout Lake which is super close to where Lindsay & I live. It was a gorgeous, and quiet Thursday morning. We sat under a giant willow tree by the water and ate these delicious chia seed parfaits (see recipe here). We popped a bottle of champagne, because who needs a reason to have mimosa's in the morning? They're they best. 

I cannot believe that May is over! This month flew by incredibly fast, we had a lot of fun sharing our favourite breakfast recipes: overnight french toast, waffle hashbrowns and eggs in things. We each shared our own breakfast smoothie recipes and featured our favourite spots in Vancouver to eat brekky (here & here).

Breakfast is something that will never get old, so fear not, just because it's not a month of breakfast doesn't mean we won't be sharing any more of our favourite breakfast recipes! We still have a bunch we want to try that were suggested on instagram and in the comments, so if you have any favourite recipes you would like to share, please do! We love your feedback and your comments, they mean so much to us!