Day Trip to Palm Springs


Tegan and I enjoyed our stay in Joshua Tree SO much, but we were also excited to run off to Palm Springs for the day after seeing Local Wanderer post about all the incredible shops. We had been to Palm Desert quite a lot as a family growing up, but never really experienced Palm Springs. Taylor and Elaine of LW definitely redefined how we viewed it, and we had a ton of fun driving around.


We had to visit  "That Pink Door" on this cute and iconic Palm Springs home, it even has its own hashtag! #thatpinkdoor


We couldn't help but drive through all the adorable neighbourhoods, stopping and going, taking tons of photos of each adorable house. It just blew our mind that they all had cacti as their garden plants. What even, how perfect. Our version of this is a tiny ceramic bowl filled with baby cacti sitting on our coffee table, so this.. this was a dream. 

We ate at Cheeky's restaurant and visited a few shops nearby that LW posted about - if you are visiting Palm Springs, be sure to check out their full city guide here. 

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