Valentines Wreath with Our Little Flower Company

We had such a fun time on Friday crafting with Erin from Our Little Flower Company. Lindsay and I really wanted to make a giant Valentines wreath but for the life of us could not figure out a way to make the base! We were SO amazed when Erin showed up with this bamboo heart! She cut down two long pieces of bamboo from her backyard and bent them into place! I love that this is a great DIY that anyone can do. Bamboo is easy to find, just make sure you have a sharp hand saw to chop it down, because those bad boys are tough! You'll want to bend it into shape in the first few days before it starts drying out making it more prone to snapping when you're trying to bend it! For this DIY you'll need 2 long pieces of bamboo, lots of greenery, fresh flowers and some wire. We used floral foam to make the two big arrangements, it's easy to work with and will keep the flowers alive much longer.

1. Start by cutting off all of the bamboo branches from the main stalk. Slowly bend it around into a big tear drop shape, you can take the skinny end and wrap it around itself a number of times and then secure it with some wire. 

2. Use wire to attach the floral foam to the bamboo where you want your big arrangements to be!

3. Start with the greenery, you can cut some short full pieces of greenery to add first to the arrangement to make the floral foam more hidden. Then work with longer pieces to fill it out. We loooove Eucalyptus and love how wild and full Erin made these gorgeous arrangements.

you can see the short pieces of eucalyptus Erin is sticking into the floral foam before adding all the longer ones in the photo above. 

4. Next, add some flowers! Start in the centre and work your way around, this is the fun part, you really can't go wrong!

Hang your wreath and continue working from there, once it's on the wall or window it will hang differently than when it was laying down. So you can add all the finishing touches, going back and adding more greenery where you think it's needed. 

So pretty! Just what our studio needed this Valentines week <3 OLFC always does such a great job, they did all the stunning floral centrepieces for a tea party we hosted years ago (post here). Woah just looked at that post and can't believe that was almost THREE years ago! Crazy. They just opened up a new shop in the Granville Island Market, go give them a visit, and get yourself or someone you love some gorgeous blooms from the sweetest girls around.