Oui Fresh x Pink House

A Beautiful Mess and Pink House Organics 

Have you heard of A Beautiful Mess's new subscription boxes called Oui Fresh?! We were so excited when Elsie from A Beautiful Mess wanted our ICE Glow Stick in their November Beauty box.
If you haven't checked them out, click this link and read more about them! We get so excited when we see amazing blogs doing what they can to raise awareness of CLEAN beauty products. They are dedicated to educating their readers on new beauty brands that are natural and handmade!  

Oui Fresh by A Beautiful Mess Subscription Box! 

We loved all the products in the November subscription box! There was a nice mixture of skincare and makeup from pretty red lipstick, to our shimmery ice glow stick, and even some yummy smelling pumpkin pie face treatment. 

I want to encourage you to check out these amazing natural brands listed below!

We sent Elsie a bunch of our products, and she reviewed them on A Beautiful Mess! Tegan and I were so excited about this because we have been BIG TIME fans of ABM for many years and they have been a huge source of our inspiration. It was so fun to see what she thought of our natural products.

Looking to try out new natural products every month? I strongly encourage you to subscribe to get your own Oui Fresh beauty subscription box!