Hair Tutorial // Rope Braid

I recently saw Amanda Seyfried rocking a loose rope braid with a formal look and thought it was the perfect cross between elegant and relaxed. As we get into the christmas season there are lots of outings to try a new look for, so here is an easy tutorial for a classic rope braid. 

Step 1: Create volume at the crown by backcombing the roots. (See Messy Pony Tutorial for tips)
Step 2: Pull hair back into a pony. 
Step 3: Divide the pony into two sections and backcomb each section.
Step 4: Twist each section clockwise. 
Step 5: Pull the right section over top of the left section and twist them together counter-clockwise. 
Step 6: Secure the ends with a small elastic or wire. Since I have shorter layers there were a few pokey strands loose at the top of the braid so I wrapped them around the elastic and tucked them in with a bobbie pin. 

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