DIY Neon Hair Clips


These hair clips are fun, easy, and the perfect way to add a pop of colour and excitement to any outfit! We really had a lot of fun making these and getting creative with designs and patterns. The pom pom's are such a handy craft to learn how to make, you can add them to anything! Gifts, sweaters, bunting, dresses, the options are pretty much endless. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, we love hearing your feedback and seeing photos of your DIY's inspired by our blog! 

Step 1: hold the end of the ball of yarn with your thumb and wrap around your fingers.
Step 2: wrap about 100 times. we used 2 fingers to make smaller pom poms and 3 fingers for bigger ones. 
Step 3: cut the end, cut a separate piece about 12 inches long. 
Step 4: wrap separate piece around the center of pom pom. wrap a few times and secure tight with a double knot.
Step 5: cut through all of the loops.
Step 6: form the pom pom into more of a round shape, trim any ends or extra long pieces so they are all equal lengths. 
Steps 7-10: glue the three craft sticks together to form a sort of pyramid, this will be the base of your hair clip. then glue your wood piece to the top of hair clip. if you can find flat hair clips you can skip this step and glue your pom poms or jewels strait to the clip! 
Steps 11-12: be creative! bright, random colours, pretty patterns or stick to something simple! 

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